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Written By: montytx - Apr• 29•13

couples counselingMost couples will either deny they need to go to therapy, or they many not even realize that they should. Whatever is holding a couple back, there is no downside to trying couples therapy. Other than the cost, there is so much more a couple stands to gain by going to couples therapy. It can help strengthen the relationship if you work at it, and it all starts with opening and understanding communication between the two parties.

Most couples will ignore problems, or problems will arise due to there being a lack of communication. Couples therapy works to get the couple to open up and discuss their feelings. It is a collaborative effort that can help everyone see the couple as a unit, rather than two separate individuals.

From here, you will be able to work through problems by speaking clearly. This will also help to limit any anger when trying to work through a conflict. Above all else, the couple will gain a better understanding of who they are. Once this happens, everything else falls into place. The hardest part about couples therapy is knowing when you need to go.

The immediate sign would be constant and repetitive fighting. This is an early warning sign. After this, there may be the loss of romance or even secret affairs. The longer you let it get out of control, the harder it will be to fix. That is why if a couple notices they fight almost everyday, then that is when they should immediately consider going to couples therapy.

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