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Baby Blues: Injuries at Birth

Written By: montytx - Apr• 30•13

The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You are at the hospital ready to welcome your new baby into your family and into this world. You had not considered that his entry might cause him injury, but sometimes it does. There are unexpected complications during the delivery process that cause such injuries.

When a baby is being born it is possible that he has a difficult time coming out of the birth canal, despite the mother pushing and pushing. The doctor may opt to use forceps, which clamp onto baby’s head, and pull the baby out by the head. Another similar instrument used for this same purpose is a vacuum, which creates a suction on baby’s head, and it pulls the baby out. These two devices can be dangerous and can cause brain damage to your baby.


Another injury which can occur at birth results from a breech delivery, meaning the baby’s legs or bottom are presented first at the birth canal as opposed to the baby’s head. If this position is seen before hand, there are measures to assist the baby into turning around in the correct, head first, position. If the baby is born in a breech position, injury could occur as a result of his head getting stuck in the birth canal. A cesarean section is a good alternative to giving birth to a baby in breech position.

Premature rupturing of membranes, or the water breaking, can result in injury to the baby. The baby is no longer encased in the amniotic fluid which protects him from environmental agents. He is susceptible to sickness. Usually, when the water breaks, active labor is soon forthcoming. If labor does not begin after the water breaks, sometimes the physician will induce labor to reduce risk of infection and injury to the baby.

Another birth injury that can occur during birth happens when the baby is born too early, this can result in underdevelopment of the the lungs, as well as damage to the spine and brain. Cerebral palsy sometimes results and the damage is irreparable. It is important for the correct date of conception and corresponding due date to be determined by the physician.

The most special day of a person’s life is when their infant is born. In a hospital setting, you expect a competent team of health professionals who can quickly handle situations when problems arise. With a good medical team, who have assessed your risk factors, chances for injury to your baby will be reduced. It is helpful to be knowledgeable of things that could go wrong, that way you know you are prepared.

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