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Customer Service Training

Great customer service training is important to any company. Even if you are the owner of the company, you need to know what is involved with customer service in order to keep customers and clients returning time and time again. Good listening skills, good attitude, and quality service or products are needed. For many companies, the front desk people are the first to greet all customers and the person in need of the highest quality of training. They will set a standard for the rest of the company.

Important Facets in Customer Service Training

When a customer or client walks in or calls on the phone, answer with a cheerful and professional voice. This should be according to the general population, not what you feel is right. You are not representing yourself, you are representing a company that depends on customers and clients for their income and your paycheck. You should have a clean and appealing appearance. Dress clean, dress professional according to company standards, and make the customer your number priority. Do not talk to friends or other employee when a customer is in the office, unless it is business that cannot wait for five minutes.

If the customer has a request, do everything possible to make it happen. Offer coffee, water, cocoa, a more comfortable chair, or conversation if they are nervous and want to talk. Keep all talk general or about business. Do not talk about your family problems, friends, boy or girlfriends. Keep all conversation positive and offer no opinion on controversy topics. Never act like you are bored or unhappy with your job or the client. If you are unhappy, talk to your boss, your friends after work, or find another job. Do not let it reflect to the client and customers.

Be aware when the customer is talking to you and listen to what they mean as well as what they say. They may be angry about something and it is being taken out on a small business problem. Be understanding and never take it personal. Even if they offer a personal insult, stay in control of your emotions and the conversation. Keep bringing it back to the problem until you find a way to help them. With one problem solved, it will relieve a lot of stress in order for them to solve the next problem in life. When they are ready to leave offer a positive complement so they feel like they have an understanding friend for the moment. This can leave a lasting impression on customers and make it much easier for them to return to the company next time.