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US Economy is Booming with New Entrepreneurs

Written By: montytx - May• 30•13

Economists have observed some relieving improvements of the American economy, noting that society itself seems to be the source of this mending, rather than the contribution of any government aid. The economy’s strength affects both up and coming businesses and established corporations alike, influencing the decision to build new offices or factories and determining whether or not a business receives the appropriate funding from

investors or consumers.
Small improvements are working in favor of the economy, only slightly reduced by factors such as weather conditions that have prevented the ideal rate of job growth in the country. Employment opportunities are growing at a reasonably steady pace with thousands of new jobs being added every month, allowing a rebound after many other jobs have been lost and ultimately dropping the unemployment rate of American citizens.

When society experiences an increase in the spending of consumers, this helps retailers and eventually improves the employment of retail workers. Retail sales have also been steadily improving and new jobs are opening up all over the country, saving many citizens from unemployment. Businesses are gaining confidence as people are choosing to spend more money at their stores. When customers begin to let go of their fears and worries about hard times ahead and are willing to part with their money instead of opting to save it, this is a sign of an improving economy.

The advertising of businesses and their products also affects the economy because it provides funding to advertising companies which then creates opportunities for job growth in the industry. It helps improve the economy by bringing consumers in contact with products they might have never known about, giving them the opportunity to buy those merchandises and help the company. The advertising industries economic growth isn’t vast, but it has made way for a small improvement.
An increase in sales is one of the most important traits of a mending economy, most importantly the sale of high-priced merchandises. The purchase of medical equipment has progressively increased, including the purchase of testing equipment and tools for hospitals or labs. These companies have managed to use these profits to expand and open new jobs or even re-open jobs that were lost during an economic downturn. This has also helped the companies that move larger items from the warehouse to the customers, including trained professionals who are required in the transport of larger and more delicate items like MRI machines.
This eye wear company is just one example of a fast growing business in an approving economy, experiencing significant development and setting up stores in more than 55 areas. This is a major improvement from the company’s early days when its CEO was running his business out of a basement with just a handful of employees. Businesses like Staten Optical that continue to expand are providing jobs that help lower the unemployment rate and are selling merchandises to the consumers, which not only helps the business itself but also improves the economy.


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