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Baby Blues: Injuries at Birth

The day you have been waiting for has finally arrived. You are at the hospital ready to welcome your new baby into your family and into this world. You had not considered that his entry might cause him injury, but sometimes it does. There are unexpected complications during the delivery process that cause such injuries. […]

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Couples Therapy

Most couples will either deny they need to go to therapy, or they many not even realize that they should. Whatever is holding a couple back, there is no downside to trying couples therapy. Other than the cost, there is so much more a couple stands to gain by going to couples therapy. It can […]

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Defining Personal Injury

Under the law, personal injury is defined as injury to one’s rights arising from the actions of another. While bodily injuries are a usual component, they are not required for some types of legal actions, such as defamation. The issue of whether an injury is compensable under the law is what defines the area of […]

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